like a mother feeds her child

i want to care and nurture

and alleviate all of the humanity

of suffering and panacea

of burden of cyclic existence

of karma and all that comes with it

but would it be wise? i stop and ask myself.


mother’s love is endless to her child

but she cant shield the child from all the pain

since pain makes us grow and realize

that clinging, craving binds us to this world

cultivate your loving kindness to souls

to creatures , plants, skies, wind, rain.


in this quest for love,

how have we confused the feelings with objects?

we chase love by the wrong tail,

self-validating through objects and other beings,

forgetting to contemplate on ours souls,

to cultivate love, to meditate.

To love and nurture all that is in this world.


Poem inspired by my Buddhism class and my own reflections. What are your ways of overcoming cravings and desires? Do you ground yourself in reality, mundane problems, career, money, house? Do yourself a favour and meditate. It really helps to calm the tumultuous mind. Be mindful.


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