untitled poem.

from tumblr

You think I never get lonely

Is that why you stopped to call me?

You know I have  a heart too

Even if I didn’t show it to you.

We used to be friends, remember?

We used to buy groceries in Metro, together.

And travel and laugh, oh we laughed so much!

Oh how I miss that! And perhaps your gentle touch.

I know, I was a fool to fall in love so hard

Careless, abruptly. You caught me off my guard.

I tried to kill it, hide it and forget,

All to my own, tearful regret.

We built a bridge, me and you, remember?

And now we’ve burnt it down to ash, forever.

Instead there is a wall between us, it’s quite strong

But you should know, the road is tough and long.

When my path will cross yours again,

My heart won’t jump, my muscles wouldn’t strain.
Instead I’ll smile and say Hi, you know me, right?

And then again, we’ll vanish in to the light.

Remember how I told you about my past?

You never judged, you just laughed very hard.

People come and go, in and out of my life.

I never thought you would walk out of mine.

I miss you, actually and I wish we could be friends.

Nothing more, nothing less.

But since I can’t promise you that,

I can never go back to the start.

This poem was written on a whim and it reflects the author’s sensitive inner world and reluctance to forget her past.