Politics of the Day

In the face of recent events (end of January 2017) we have to pause and ask ourselves, who are we in relation to each other, and to this world, essentially. Who are we as citizens of nation-states? Are we senseless robots? Or are we all human-beings, sharing the same planet?
True, perhaps I am stretching some boundaries here, making blurry, general statements.
But the most important question we have to ask ourselves is “Why have we stopped caring?” Have we really become that cynical to believe that a change is possible?
Right now, in this crucial moment, change is necessary. But not what we have right now on the table – Trump and the surge of populist politics. No, we can’t let this happen. We cant repeat the mistakes of the past.
The Immigration ban, the terrorist attacks, millions of refugees, crises. These are the burdens of our decade, our generation that plague our socitiety and the future generations to come. We have to solemnly, with dignity, decide the fate of our world. We can’t just sit and do nothing.
The law needs to be questioned. The politics of the day needs to be question and challenged. And changed, if need be.
The law needs to be justified. The law needs to bear a moral responsibility. Otherwise, what is the point? What is the order of the day?


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