сборная солянка.

so many things that we’ve went through
feeling lost and feeling blue

i remember the bad days,
when we cried amidst the craze.
i forget not the good ones,
when we laughed and fooled around

it was never perfect, all the up’s and down’s
but it’s a battle honey, and no one makes it alive.
it’s all about mother’s warm hands and the childhood sounds.
the moments that matter and true love to survive.

when i look at the sky and close my eyes,
i feel the touch of wind, the warm embrace of sun.
they nourish me and cherish. and time cures the lies.
each hour, each minute, each second making me wise.

but when i look out in the night,
this vast black hole of nothing,
i think of the past done un_right.
i shake with the fear of something.

i shiver when ghost of the past,
touch me lightly with their silver hands,
i clench my fingers, i want to let go. just let go.
what a strange feeling, in my heart grows.

was it betrayal? was i wrong?
should i apologize? should i let go?
but if it was true, genuine and pure,
i would still be talking to you.

you know that i have my damned pride,
you know you are wrong, and I’m right,
please come to your senses little girl,
after all, friendship is what matters in this world.

but we lost it all.
we constructed the wall.
it’s strange to let go, to pretend you are not anymore.
our paths, our hearts have drifted apart,
guess it couldn’t handle the challenge at hand.

so many thing’s that I’ve went through.
hearts just like waves, they come and they go.
only one heart i am looking for now.
the heart of my past, present and future. the heart of my love.


One thought on “сборная солянка.

  1. Ogo Aika, che u tebya tam sluchilos? Davay vikladivay! Kak raz segodnya pro tebya govorili.
    Btw, nice poem! I didn’t even know you wrote poetry!

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