Trip to Vancouver

Wreck Beach
Wreck Beach

As I was chaotically packing my life in boxes, again, I realized that a part of me desperately wanted to stay in Toronto. Life was suddenly getting better and things started forming a clearer picture. It was hard to say goodbye to my old apartment, to my roommate, to the city I have fallen in love with without having a clear plan. I am practically homeless now. But at the same time it is liberating. But only for a short time until you start worrying about million things you have to do.
But for now, I am officially on vacation and I want to get the most out of it.
It is hard to describe this feeling when you see your best friend after such a long time. A familiar, dear face that brings so many happy memories. Ainura is one of my closest friends. Funny that we actually went to the same kinder garden but never talked there and now we are best friends! I can’t even sum up in words how happy and blessed I feel that I can share these special moments of my life with my friend.
Vancouver met me with a bright blue sky, cool ocean breeze and breathtaking scenery. This clean, crisp morning air with a tad bit of saltiness is incomparable to Toronto. You feel united with nature and with yourself here and smiling comes so naturally to you. But it’s only the beginning of this journey. So may it only bring the good.
My soul is grateful for this great opportunity.
Vancouver, treat me nicely, because I already love you!


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