GoT Recap

This episode was even more shocking than Red Wedding/Purple Wedding. Oberyn became one of the most vibrant characters on GoT (plus the accent and charisma) but they way he died. The whole dynamic of the scene. It was paralyzing. It was unexpected. It was just so GoT. Getting killed the same way by the man who also killed and raped his own sister. It is down inhumane.

But another highlight of this episode was the conversation between Tyrion and Jaime. The writers know how to use dialog to convey certain hidden meanings. Personally, I interpreted this as the foreshadowing of Tyrion’s death. The “Orson cousin” with his beetle crashing foreshadowed the death of Oberyn or maybe it has some other meaning.

The change of Sansa. She learned her lesson in King’s Landing. But now she is not an innocent girl anymore. I was very sad to see her appearance change as well because it only emphasized the old Sansa was gone, now she is another figure in the game.

Overall, I still like this show despite all the gruesome scenes. It has its own distinct flavour. I think GoT will definitely become a cult thing at least as long as the series live and maybe even after that!



2 thoughts on “GoT Recap

  1. This week left me hysterical. Oberyn’s death was the most violent that we’ve seen in detail as of yet, I think—but what’s even more upsetting is the fact that Tyrion is condemned to die now. I don’t know if I will be able to keep watching this thing if Tyrion dies. That one will be a real heartbreak.

    The conversation was brilliant. I even found it self-reflexive! (Why are you killing all the beetles George RR Martin?!) 😀

    I think the change of Sansa is an exciting event. I am not going to lie, I absolutely love the new chemistry they have with Littlefinger. It seems to me that she is the only one who can actually throw him out of the game now. The dark clothes look awesome on her as well—a hint of evil suits her well. I feel like I can finally begin to like Sansa.

    What you didn’t mention in here and I found to be very heart breaking is the banishment of Sir Jorah. I think Dany made a great, GREAT mistake by banishing him. However, it is his own fault. He should’ve told her herself, earlier. I feel like the scene was acted out in a way that didn’t allow the audience to feel much sympathy for HER though. Kak ti dumayesh? (:

    1. Oh, Fidasha!! So awesome get a comment from you! They make my day, honestly!
      I totally forgot about Daeneries, but for some reason she doesnt make me proud anymore. She changed a lot and I hate the fact that she wants to answer violence with violence. I mean, in some cases she is just and all but still she is getting too cruel and without Jorah she will totally get blinded by her own power. So, I am expecting to see her get into big problems! But maybe he will return and save her lol 🙂
      How did you like episode 9 though? I loved how everything was staged and снято! Просто прекрасно. Вообще отдельное спасибо режиссерам и игре актеров, без них все было бы по-другому! Ах и эти великаны и смерть Игритт! Но все-же я считаю этот эпизод был про Тарли, хотя такое ощущение, что сценаристы хотели что-то через него передать нам!

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