Funny thing happened yesterday while I was watching the trailer of the upcoming movie “The Cavemen”. It’s one of those movies about 20-something guys living their city life and trying to find themselves, while also “exploring” the dating/hooking-up world.

I started thinking that if they were to reverse genders in those kind of movies, people would have reacted to this extremely differently. It seems normal and even kind of “expected” for guys to be hooking up and leading a very promiscuous sexual life and not be condemned for that lifestyle. Why is that even so? If women were even dating a lot of guys (I am not even saying hooking-up, notice the difference) it’s already suspicious and causes rumors behind her back.

If a boy just sleeps with women and dumps them before it’s even breakfast time, that’s kind of douchy but okay. But if a women was to do the same thing, she is a slut, whore and many other disgraceful things. She also apparently doesnt have a self-respect, according to “judges” .

See the double standards? So now, every time you watch a movie, just pause for a moment, change the roles. See the difference? Moreover, women are mostly there as an “eye-candy”, “bond-girl” kind of type, while men get to play the best parts! Unfair!


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