Life in Far Away Lands

Samantha and Laura


Honestly, from what I’ve watched from the TV about Kazakh kids adopted by foreigners, I think that American parents are better at saving at least some kind of ties of those kids with their birth country. Lots of them don’t change children’s names. Also, IMO, American-Kazakh kids adjust more quickly and feel more “belonged”. By contrast, kids who got adopted by Europeans have a harder time adjusting, especially in school since it must be tough for them with other kids constantly reminding the fact that they are just different. I mean, when they grow up, it’s all going to be fine, but I just hope their parents make them feel loved and belonged as much as it’s possible.

Now, this was supposed to be my status for Facebook, but then I quickly realized that most of my friends on Facebook, don’t even give a single crap about Kazakh babies. So, I decided to make a post about that.

Recently, I’ve watched this really nice tv-program about children from Kazakhstan who got adopted by Americans, Canadians and Europeans. Sorry for generalizing, I have only watched two episodes so far. Earlier. I watched a video on Youtube about kazakh kids living in USA by Kanat Beiskeyev. This video was very touching, that I couldnt keep my tears. I find these people who adopted kids and gave them hope and chance for a better life and most importantly love and care are amazing. And I thank them. In my juniour or sophomore year I even wrote a paper on international adoption in Kazakhstan. In that essay I analyzed the upsides and downsides of having Kazakh kids adopted by people from overseas. And even though there are many happy kids, horrible things have happened as well.

That is why I decided to write this post and satisfy my curiosity about these kids. There are just so many stories waiting to be uncovered. Most of them are with happy endings. But then there are bad stories. After reading an article in the newspaper about Linda and Joseph Mayott I was horrified.

But on the bright side so many kids found their families. Turns out Youtube has a lot of videos made by parents about their adoption. Often children want to reconnect with their birth country and a lot of families support it. Especially I’ve noticed ethnically Kazakh children in America have an interest in their country and origins. I think this is due to their specialness and uniqueness and because their parents have emphasized the significance of their heritage. I find it very great that a lot of Americans read about Kazakhstan and try share that with their children. Surely, there are families that unfortunately lack knowledge about this country. Some of them obviously found the conditions in the orphanages from where their kids were adopted terrifying but a lot of improvements were made by state from 10 years ago.

International adoption became popular after Soviet Union collapse when amongst East-Asian, African and Latin-American countries, Central Asia finally put itself on the map. Adoption became possible since1999. As amazing as it sounds, I often find myself thinking and worrying whether all potential parents had good intentions in them. I am scared for those children who live now far away. Most Kazakh kids got adopted in 2002-2009 and were given up by biological mothers for different reasons. One of them is having a baby out of wedlock, which is simply condemned in Kazakh society. Other reasons are pretty obvious such as poor health condition, lack of resources to support the baby etc. Part of me can’t understand people who give up their own babies, but the other part of me hopes that a baby will have a better life.

Most of the people who resort to adoption can’t have their own children. However, there are families that just want to make someone happy and share their love. The woman named Samantha have adopted Laura, who has some health problems and can’t speak properly, said in her interview that she considered surrogacy, but after rethinking she decided that by adopting a child she will give him a family and a better life. I truly admire this woman, because she adopted Laura and didn’t lose hope. I hope they are happy and healthy. Thank you, Samantha. Stay strong, God bless you and Laura.

There is another family who has adopted Rinat and Aibek. Judging from the video and pictures this is a happy family. When I first watched the video I thought that they were just perfect for each other. Aibek and Rinat even look similar, despite coming from different families. They got adopted by Peter and Marin, who even decided to keep their real birth names. Honestly, if somehow they are reading my post, I just want to thank them. Rinat, as it turned out, after I read an article with stories that some families decided to share with us, was ill. He had a cyst above his left brow but Peter and Marin didn’t care about it – they already fell in love with their son.

There are lot of stories like this. All I wanted to say is that my opinion since the time I wrote my paper hasn’t changed. I still think that even though bad things happen with Internation Adoption, more good things happen. I seriously doubt that these kids would be happy here.

This is it for now.


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