Kazakhstan. If you google it, you will find a lot of interesting facts you never knew before about this country in Central Asia.
It’s beautiful, vast and rich with natural resources. There is so much potential hidden in those deep waters of Caspian and high mountain peaks of Alatau.

But I hate to watch the potential fade away. The land being corrupted by the voracious powers of government. The recent events [devaluation, acts of protest, agitation in the social networks] have made me think again. What is the point of changing the government? There won’t be any difference between the people who hold the power now and the people who will exercise it later. What needs to be changed [at least considered] is the culture, mentality, attitude of locals here. And it starts with the basic unwillingness to wait in a line in hospitals. Instead, people who have some kind of opportunity prefer to bribe a doctor to get in quickly. Is this not injustice to other people? Is this fair?

Then what kind of fair government people expect to have here. Every nation has the government they deserve. Instead of causing even more trouble, it would be more wise to ask yourself questions first. Questions like “If I were to have all this power and money, would I take some of it for myself? Because for most of the population, the answer would be yes. Every state, every nation is corrupt, the only difference is to what degree.
We should not change the government. We should change ourselves. And demand our rights. I doubt however that people who do nothing but post this kind of posts and share memes on Instagram would get as far as that. I doubt that people who just shrugged at the 20% loss of the fortunes will do something about it. And that’s the reason we deserve this kind of government.


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